"Pain is what the Person in Pain says it is. And it exists every Time he says it exists."

Gaining back Control over Your Life. Learning about Pain. Learn how to Influence Pain in a Positive Way and Increase your Well-being. That is what RelieVR is all about. We Understand Pain. Even Better, we Understand those who Suffer from Chronic Pain. They are the Inspiration and our Most Valuable Guidance and Critics in developing RelieVR. A Scientific Knowledge-based Tool You can use in the Comfort of Your Home.


Patients mean a lot to each other and to us when it comes to pain care. That's why we work together to help improve quality of life for pain patients around the world.

About RelieVR

Promoting Control over Pain in an Interactive and Challenging way. Easy-to-use Software Built for Wireless VR Headsets.

Why do we need RelieVR?
Learning to Cope better with Pain and Learning About Pain. Both have been proven Extremely Valuable and are mentioned in the International Guidelines for Chronic Pain Care. Unfortunately, access to these Interventions is Limited. With RelieVR, Coping Skills and Knowledge are Developed in an Engaging and Interactive way. RelieVR can be used in Addition to Regular Treatment. It can be used at Home, or Together With Your Practitioner.


  • Development Guided by Chronic Pain Patients
  • Pain Education and Treatment Expertise from our Psychologists
  • Extensive Technological Expertise in the field of VR applications
  • Easy to use by both Professional and Patients

Research & Development

  • 58% of Patients Felt more Control over Their Pain after Playing RelieVR
  • Patients rate RelieVR a 9 out of 10 for Fun
  • An 8 out of 10 for usability rated by Patients
  • 78% of the patients had an Increase in Understanding the Source of their Pain
  • Winner of the Dutch Sustainable Healthcare Challenge
  • Expertise combined with Patient Experience on Pain Solutions


  • Through the use of VR, we developed RelieVR to make patients get the feeling they are in their own nervous system. Whilst playing RelieVR you will visit all parts of your nervous system.


  • Yes, in order to use RelieVR as a practitioner in your own practice you can purchase the license and let patients go through the application in your practice.



  • RelieVR is created for all forms of chronic pain because RelieVR provides a broad education and teaches techniques that benefit many patients.

  • You will receive a license with which you can download the application in the Oculus store. The license can be canceled at any time. With the license, you automatically get access to the latest versions.


  • No, we have developed RelieVR in such a way that everyone can download and use the application. Tutorials have been created for the download and installation of RelieVR on the Oculus Go.


  • Yes. After purchasing the license, you can download RelieVR on the Oculus Go. 

  • We are developing RelieVR for various pain profiles, and RelieVR can be played at different times during the day. One possibility is to relax in the evenings, but the therapy is also suitable for support at moments of severe pain.


  • For questions, you can contact us via the contact form below.



  • For me, RelieVR is a way to escape my pain. It works for me when I am at home and it does more than what I have tried so far.

    Mrs. B
    chronic pain patient
  • Besides being instructive and challenging, I think RelieVR is so good, that it's fun to do and fits in with my own daily schedule. Fun is an important reward for me and I experience that every time I work on it.

    Mrs. A
    chronic pain patient
  • I would like everyone to have access to this so you can learn to make decisions that have a positive influence on your pain.

    Mr. S
    chronic pain patient
  • In the third part, I notice a lot of pain reduction. When I play this I also know that my pain is less severe afterward.

    Mr. S
    chronic pain patient
  • Being active with pain in a positive way really gives me the feeling that I am in control of my pain.

    Mrs. A
    chronic pain patient


Get in touch with us. We're interested in collaboration to improve Chronic Pain Worldwide. Contact us directly or via the form.


  • Margryt Fennema

    Margryt Fennema is a health scientist and digital healthcare innovator who knows exactly what it takes to develop an innovation that works well and is easy to use. 

  • Louis Zantema

    Louis Zantema is a medical psychologist and works with patients suffering from chronic pain everyday. Louis Zantema's expertise is extensive knowledge in the field of chronic pain, and how pain can be reduced by using psychological strategies. 


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